Taste the world … in Brampton!

There’s no denying that Brampton is filled with multi-culturalism.

According to the City of Brampton’s 2011 National Household Survey, the visible minority population accounted for 66.41% of the overall population. From South Asian to Filipino to Latin American to Arab to Japanese, we can’t think of any other city with this much diversity.

All this multi-culturalism can only mean one thing: FOOD! Brampton is a hidden gem when it comes to authentic international cuisine.

An article in The Globe and Mail mentioned the varied plazas that exist throughout Brampton. These plazas house “cooking so unique and so good that they are very much worth the drive [from Toronto].”

A quick search on Yelp for highest rated restaurants in Brampton will bring up restaurants that specialize in about eight different types of cuisine (in the top 10, at least!).

Sure, Toronto may serve food that’s trendy and that people will wait in lines for, but Brampton has been and will always be serving good, ol’ meals that are unpretentious, delicious and authentic. Now that’s multi-culturalism.

Which Brampton restaurant is your favourite?