#LiberatedLife: The Benefits of Biking.

Biking isn’t just for kids! In fact, cycling as a hobby is one of the fastest growing activities for people over 40. And it’s no surprise: what could be more invigorating than a lovely bike ride?

Riding a bike is also an excellent, lower impact way to do cardio, a perfect way to exercise without feeling like you’re working very hard.

Cycling is a faster way to travel short distances (like, for example, a quick trip to visit a neighbour in Rosedale Village!), as well as a fun way to enjoy the outdoors.

With the state of gas prices, biking instead of driving whenever possible is a huge money saver, and benefits the environment, too!

As the weather (finally) warms up, why not organize a little group biking trip around our beautifully landscaped trails?

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