The golfers' mentality

There is something so different about talking to a person who doesn’t play golf versus an avid golfer. Whether it the golfer’s charisma or the feeling of synergy you experience when you speak to a person who lives, eats and breathes golf, it’s hard to deny the golfing lifestyle impacts people for the better.

And nobody understands this better than Rosedale Village resident Lorraine, who wrote in to let us know she’s “[e]njoying the serenity and green lushness of the 9th hole while drinking [her] morning coffee. “

Rosedale Village is a community that caters to the golfers’ mentality. After analyzing the many reasons golfers claim to love golf, the reasons why avid golfers are so much more fun to be around than non-golfers is understandable. 

So let’s examine and analyze what the golfers are saying:

More green time means more socializing time, according to many golfers. Clearly connecting with friends is part of what golf represents. And it’s nicer being around a people person than someone who isn’t people loving, isn’t it?

Many golfers claim golfing requires that you remain focused and forget about everything else. Focus is a form of meditation. Studies indicate people who spend more time meditating are generally happier, less stressed, more relaxed and better adjusted, than non-golfers. If you think about it this way, it’s nicer to be around someone who is relaxed and happy versus someone who isn’t as much.

Many golfers claim there’s nothing more pleasurable than being in the sunshine, smelling the fresh air and freshly cut grass and listening to the sounds of nature. The smells and sounds of urban city life are less calming and healthy than the former. It’s a fact. 

Many golfers talk about the challenge or thrill of “pulling off” or hitting a good shot. People who experience the feeling of being thrilled on a regular basis are more charismatic and are easier to be around.

Many golfers say that regardless of their age, they can always play and always improve their game. Golfing may be a game of the ages but it’s also an ageless game.

Many golfers have reported that golfing has strengthened their character by teaching them patience. People who are committed to personal growth tend to be less arrogant than their less patient counterparts. Patient people are generally less caustic, less judgmental and more compassionate and understanding.

Many golfers speak about the serenity of the quietness you get on a golf course. Quiet surroundings help people think more clearly and they are less confused.

Many golfers claim to love the challenge golfing presents them with on a daily basis. And as a rule, ambitious people are more interesting to speak to someone who isn’t. After all, competition and tournaments are exciting and cultivate positivity and being upbeat. These are qualities that most people find attractive in others.

Many golfers love the fact that they can play and spend more quality time with their grandparents, parents, children and grandchildren. People who have positive interactions with family members tend to grow up kinder, caring and more compassionate towards others. Being on the receiving end of compassion and acts of kindness is something most people enjoy and benefit from.

Based upon the 9 reasons golfers report to love golf, it is easy to see why golfers are perceived as more charismatic than others. They tend to form nine important connections that make them very pleasant and interesting to be around.  

They are connected to: their friends, family, their minds/emotions, nature, the excitement life has to offer, senses, youthful energy, emotional growth objective and being challenged.

And this is the key to a happy and successful life. So what’s life like on a golf course, surrounded by avid golfers? We’d say it’s second-to-none.